Triathlon Bicycles

In preparation for the triathlon, far too many people seem to put much importance on the type of triathlon bicycle than with what they can do with it. Some even spend grand on a top-of-the-line bicycle and forget all about the thing that matters most- proper use.

On some points of the race, competitors believe that those with lighter and faster bikes have the most advantages. This cant be far from the truth but this does not tell it all. After all, the manner of use and the person’s actual capacity to optimize the bicycle will create big differences.

For some unknown reasons, that only you would somehow realize, a single bike would fit you. It wont matter how expensive it is or how old. Like your favorite running shoes, your triathlon bicycle would suit your style, your needs and your ability. It is just a matter of trying on different bikes and getting the feel for each of them.

Sure, the technologies used to develop a $10,000 triathlon bicycle would actually create some edges over those who only ride on $250 bikes. Nonetheless, never forget that the bike period is only a part of the three areas of discipline triathlon covers. And the bike itself is only a single component of the bike transition. You must still consider and be able to look eye on other principles that will lead you to the last transition stage.