Tandem Bicycles

Tandem bicycles are bicycles that allow two persons to sit and cycle together, one at the front and another at the rear. Usually, the front person, called the captain will do the turning and determine the tandem bicycle direction. The back person is called the stoker

Tandem bicycles are a popular bike type for couples. You no longer have to worry about cycling too fast and leaving someone behind.Another benefit from riding the tandem is the rear cyclist gets to enjoy the view! While the front person might have to keep watch of road conditions, the rear person is free. All he or she needs to do is keep pedaling.The person at the back could also keep useful rations like food and water in the bag. This is due to their free hands.

Although you might think that a tandem is tad too long, other vehicle users will often be friendly to you. Riding a tandem bicycle is rare and people do not always get the chance to see one.