Road Bicycles

Road bicycles have been in the world for years and years and has a wonderful documented history. In all these years their basic design, of two wheels and a frame, has not undergone any significant changes. But the technology that goes into their designing has changed drastically. The best bicycles are now made from a combination of carbon and titanium and these bicycles offer the best riding comfort and are reasonably priced.

When you plan to buy a bicycle, you first have to decide what bike you intend to buy and secondly the amount you are willing to spend for it. Once you have decided on these two major factors look up magazines or browse the internet for what you can find within your budget.

There are lots of online websites that feature ‘bikes for sale’. GumTree us a very large online Australian portal  for all manner of items people could want to buy, but does have a large selection of bikes and bicycle related items. Another Australian cycling marketplace is Bike Chaser, a specialist  online Bicycles Sales  website that is fast growing in cycling circles as a go-to website for buying all things related to cycling.

A great place to start your journey in selecting a road bike is to visit online reviews of the bikes that interest you. Enthusiasts love to contribute to the benefit of the community and the reviews of trusted contributors are well worth taking into consideration. Simply search ‘Road Bike Reviews’ in Google.

The team at Urban Cycle wish you well in your journey to purchase a raid bike and years enjoying it!