Recumbent Bicycles

Recumbent bicycles are bicycles that allow the rider to sit leaning back, with feet up to pedal. There are a wide variety of recumbent bike styles. Since they are usually manufactured in small quantity, they tend to have very  unique characteristics.

Recumbent bikes can have over seat or under seat steering. In over seat steering, the rider uses a regular handlebar arrangement. In under seat steering, the steering is accomplished using a handlebar arrangement that protrudes from either side of the seat, allowing the arms to be down by the rider’s side when steering.

Recumbent bikes can also have two or three wheels. The two wheel variety are harder to control at slow speeds, as the low center of gravity makes it harder to maintain balance. Three wheelers have greater stability, and are easier to get started and stopped. When stopped, the rider does not have to remove his feet from the pedals on a three wheeler.