Mountain Bicycles

For a good number of years one kind of bicycle dominated the cycling scene: racing bikes. With their narrow seats, downward curved handle bars, and sleek look, they were the majority biking choice which everybody rode. Now things have changed and mountain bikes in their various designs and permutations are everywhere.

There are good reasons for this growth in popularity, not least the fact that mountain bikes provide a different biking experience for cyclists. To assess how they have come to dominance, lets take a quick snapshot tour of some of their unique design features.

Not long ago the term ATBs or ‘All Terrain Bikes’ were an unknown quantity. Not so anymore with their appeal of a bike that offers go anywhere biking in the form of: dirt trails, rough mountain paths and more. This go anywhere capability is partly made possible by the use of large knobby tires fitted on wider rims. In addition, in recent years the introduction of front and rear suspension designs has extended the appeal of these bikes.