Folding Bicycles

Bicycles can be light and slim, but they still take up a lot of space. That is, unless you invest in folding bicycles which, like its namesake, is quite basically bicycles that are able to be folded up and stored away in the most compact of spaces. The very ability of folding your bicycle up has already brought up endless possibilities, such as cycling to work or boarding a plane with your bike.

Interesting enough, there are already plenty of folding options available in the current market which varies according to the speed of the fold as well as the easiness of the folding technique. Theoretically, the application of latches and quick releases are what affects the rate of folding and unfolding these bicycles. Consumers would also be spoiled for choice when shopping for folding bicycles according to quality and price as well.

Folding bicycles can be folded in the middle of its diamond frame with the simple application of a swing hinge. Some designs also come with the option of folding the steering column. A folding bicycle with a triangle hinge in the frame would then enable both the rear triangle and the back wheel to be folded and flipped forward where it is positioned under the main frame tube