Cruiser Bicycles

Cruiser bikes are known by their extended handlebars, large seat, fenders and a front basket. As time passed a much lighter frame replaced the heavier one. In the present times we have cruiser bikes in much lighter frames which are equally sturdy and strong. They are available in stores as well as online in a vast range. These cruisers are mostly assembled and about 20% of it has to be done by you.

Cruiser bikes have broad tires which permit better riding on soft or shifty surfaces. They also have 3-speed shifting gears which allow you to maintain the same pace across different terrain.The frames are made of steel which is strong and durable. This also ensures you a safe ride on your bike.The seats are flat, broad and provide ample support. It is perfectly suited for both men and women.They are available in trend-setting, elegant and stylish designs for people of all ages.

The unique feature of cruisers is its elongated frame which allows you to stretch your body. This gives you the freedom of movement and allows you to recline and relax yourself while you enjoy your ride.Cruiser bikes are low-ride bikes which allow you to rest your feet on the ground. This makes it a lot easier for you if you are not so tall.Modern day cruisers have the gears attached to the grips of the bike. This makes changing gears more convenient. You certainly don’t want to fumble for the gears while coming down a slope do you?

You can also enhance the look and utility of your bike with accessories such as rear or front racks, bottle holders, rear view mirrors, bells, etc. When you want your bike to be an extension of your persona, customization plays an important role. Most bike brands give you the option of customizing your bike to your choice. They come in exclusive detailing and graphics and you can also add on from your imagination.