City Bikes

City bikes are designed for city dwellers. They are designed for those who are always in competition with other users for the right of way on the road. It is common knowledge that cities are dominated by automobiles. Of course, there are some cities where bicycle riders are given equal privileges on the road. However, if you are planning to use your bicycle to get to work or travel around in a city, you should accept the fact that automobiles shall rule the roads.

City bicycles are designed specifically for traveling within the city. These light weight bicycles come with different types of gears and safety options. The light weight of the bicycle and the multiple gears ensures that the riders can make good speed on the road. As long as you were fast enough, you will not find it difficult to drive on the busy roads. It is only when you become very slow and plod along that others find you to be a nuisance on the road. The safety features attached to these bikes ensure that your bike is never stolen.