About Cycles

Cycling is and has always been a vital part of many people’s lives. It is a great alternative to driving cars and that is why most cities in the developed and developing nations have cycling lanes on their roads. It is just as important as any other means of transport. There are rules about cycling just as there are rules about driving. For instance you cannot cycle if you do not have the correct cycling equipment. Cycling equipment here is more than just the bicycle or motor cycle there are a lot more items that you must have before you are truly safe to get on the road and cycle. You need to have these items not just to protect yourself and other road users but also to stay out of trouble with the law.

The three main types of cycling include mountain biking, racing and road cycling. In mountain biking you would purchase a bike specific to this purpose that has been equipped with a heavy-duty frame and thicker tires. For people that like a little adventure, Mountain biking is the way to go. You get to ride on trails, mountains, forests and dirt roads and tracks. Often the riding is quite demanding and requires a person to be in good physical shape.

Racing is another genre of cycling and is quite popular today. Even for those that don’t plan to race on a professional level, this form of cycling fast can be quite exhilarating You will often see these types of riders dressed up in their fancy attire, with tight fitting, colorful clothing.

Road cycling might be the most common type of cycling. Many amateur riders will strap on a helmet and take a spin on their bicycle, more for leisure reasons, but also for some exercise. This is a great hobby to get into as a family, maybe taking a nice bike ride on a day off.

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